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You can ring us at 053 92 37404.
If we are closed and you are in need of emergency care, VHI swiftcare Dundrum opens til 9pm mon-fri and 11-6pm on weekends and public holidays. The Dublin Dental Hospital also offer an emergency service from 5-10pm on weekdays and from 9am-10pm at weekends. Please ring 01 6127200 to access this service. You can always leave a message if its out of hours and we will contact you immediately when our clinic next opens.
Try to see your dentist as soon as possible so that we can repair the tooth. A tooth will eventually become painful if left without treatment and then may need root treatment or to be removed. If there is a delay to come into us, here are a few suggestions to keep the tooth as comfortable as possible. Avoid eating and drinking near that tooth. Use sensodyne toothpaste or colgate sensitive and rub in some toothpaste with your finger onto the injured tooth A temporary filling kit from the pharmacy can help in the short term but can be very difficult to use.
We are especially dedicated to caring for nervous patients! We understand that you may be embarrassed at the thought of visiting initially especially if it has been a while. Our whole focus is to make you feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible. At your first visit, we will listen to your concerns, discuss with you how we can make your visits with us as comfortable as possible. Then together with you, we will come up with a plan to restore your teeth and gums to health so that you can eat with comfort and smile with confidence. To help you at each visit, we will offer you – Earphones with music of your choice – A soft blanket – A stress ball
When we miss spots when we are brushing, which we all do, soft plaque builds up around the necks and inbetween our teeth. Soft Plaque is full of bacteria which our gums hate. Our gums swell up, become red and bleed. If the plaque is there for a while, it will harden and then cannot be removed with the toothbrush or floss. We advise that you see your dentist or hygienist at least every six months to remove this buildup and keep our gums healthy. If the plaque is present for long periods of time, the bone that holds our teeth in position will start to melt away thus causing our teeth to loosen. This is the biggest reason that people loose their teeth over their lifetime.