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Tooth Whitening

A bright white smile can make you look good and feel great. Your teeth are never pure white, everyone wishes they had a whiter smile. Our teeth naturally become more yellow as we age and also due our diet, drinking tea or coffee, red wine or because of smoking.

The treatment is non-invasive meaning no drilling or anaesthetic is required although teeth and gums must be healthy before whitening treatment.

You should consider tooth whitening before you have and dental restoration work so that the colour of crowns and veneers that are visible when you smile can matched to your natural tooth colour after bleaching.

Home Kit

The procedure involves accurate impressions taken of your teeth and uses them to make custom made whitening trays.
Our home kit is effective 7- 10 day/night tooth whitening system. Our home kit bleach your teeth to lighten the discolouration.

Once you have your home kit whitening trays place a small drop of tooth whitening gel into the whitening tray and place against your teeth for treatment to take effect.

Our gels are available in different strengths. Application ranges from 30 minutes per day to 4 hours per day dependent on the strength of gel you are using.